The day after we arrived in the Orkhon river valley the rain managed to move on and after noon the sun came out.  We drove out to the waterfall via a road that twisted through rocky lava fields and then onto the open grasslands.  The waterfall plummets from a river along the grasslands down into a gorge cut through the lava rock.  An nice oasis in the middle of the open steppe.
Our bikes for the ride back to camp.  I was looking forward to riding the mud bogs, and rocky jeep track that we drove in on.  Much better then being a passenger in the van!
Lava rock and livestock.
The falls from above.
Puje and the waterfall.
A colorful Ovoo.
The canadians know cold water!
Cold but a nice location to swim.
Down river.
Down river.
Taking advantage of some hard to get grass.
Not a lot of competition for a goat to get this grass.
A cormorant on a rock in the river.
A nice river gorge to spend the afternoon in.

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