"The Sauti za Busara (in swahili: "sounds of wisdom"),[1] also known as Zanzibar Music Festival, is an African music festival that is held every year in February in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The main venues of the festival are the Old Fort and the adjacent Forodhani Gardens, in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, but side events take place in other locations as well. It is a large event with several hundreds of artists participating each year. Besides music live shows, the festival includes several other activities both in Stone Town and in other locations in Zanzibar, such as fashion shows and a carnival parade in the streets of Stone Town.[2] The eighth edition of the festival took place in 2011.[1]" From Wikipedia
We just happened to plan our trip at the same time as this music festival.  I learned about it from my massage therapist.  Absolutely amazing!  The scope of music, the venue were incredible.

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