The last day of any trip is bitter sweet.  The time that it takes to leave behind city life, schedules, expectations takes awhile but eventually it all falls away and what replaces it is the rhythm of the land.  Simplicity at it's finest.  Wake up, eat breakfast, hike, eat lunch, hike to camp, eat dinner, maybe read a good book, and then sleep. 
Our eyes are wide open taking in all the new landscapes.  We never get tired of getting away from it all.  The best trips that David and I have had is when it is just the two of us.  Either with guides or without.  We have a good rhythm together and an insatiable curiousity.  I think the biggest thing we've learned is that as we get older our goals for the trips change.  Its not about climbing the highest mountain (bagging that peak) or proving how fit we are.  Its about discovery and adventure.  This was one of the best treks that I've done.  Bolivia is a land of beautiful people, extreme elevations, and geographic contrasts. 
Sunrise over Huayna Potosi.
One of my favorite camp dogs.
A compound of mud huts owned by a local campesino woman.
A few dread locks.
The owner talking with our guides.
Heading for the pass.
A lead colored moonscape.
Wheew!  16,700 feet.
Descent down a trail to a road.
A trail of Llamas.
Some hearty plants nestled in the rocks.
Wetlands in the valley filled with streamlets.
David and I collected feathers for our cook.
The dam along the lake.
The last mile!
That is a wrap!
Bolivian traffic jam

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