I think the highlight of my Sunshine Coast Trip was just happening upon a very high tide at the Skookumchuck Narrows. 
While I was waiting for the Saltery Bay to Earl's Cove ferry I met a German couple who had been up sea kayaking in Johnson Strait.  They told me that they were going to go stay at a place in Edmont on their way back to Vancouver.  It peaked my curiousity.  I knew I didnt' want to go all the way home anyway.  It was Friday and traffic through Vancouver would be a nightmare.  So when I got off the ferry I decided to make a detour and stay in Edmont.  Well, I arrived to find no vacancies but I did discover that this was the home of the Skookumchuck Narrows.  I had read about this area as a big play spot for kayakers.  The Narrows is an area where the entire water volume of the inlet gets pushed through a narrow area in the inlet and creates huge Grand Canyon sized waves.  So I popped into the Edmont visitors center and asked what the best time was to see the narrows.  I figured that I was probably not there at the right time.  To my surprise it just happened that 49 minutes from then was a flood stage super high tide at the narrows.  I had hit the timing spot on.  I headed out for a hike to the Skookumchuck Narrows.
The hike in was easy.  2.5 miles of road and wide trail through beautiful northwest forest.  About halfway there is a lake.  Taz took a swim on the way in and we both swam on the way out.  That with the incredible kayakers at the Narrows made a perfect ending to a week long trip on the Sunshine Coast.
Bathwater warm lake on the way to the Narrows.
Trail through the forest.
North viewpoint.  The big picture.
These are a series of this woman who was awesome.  It is so great to see young women doing these things. 
Looking out at the waves from shore.
Another kayaker surfing the waves.
Shuttling his boat back up for another run.
View down the Narrows
Tons of people out to watch the kayakers and see the Narrows.
View of the Narrows from the forest trail.
A great way to end our Sunshine Coast trip.

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