"Once home to over 2,500 people, Hovenweep includes six prehistoric villages built between A.D. 1200 and 1300".  Hovenweep was a hidden treasure on our journey.  We found ourselves walking along a trail along a narrow dry wash.  Built right into the landscape were ancient structures.  Remanants of the villages that once dotted the land.
Moody skies, wind, and a very cold night led us to sunrise where we quitely hike the entire trail trying to capture the structures and possilby wildlife that lives there.
Flat landscape of juniper, sage and orange sand.
Rock lined trail.
Moody skies at sunset.
Looking out from our campsite.
Morning stone.
Remanants of the anciet stone towers.
A local bird: Gambel's Quail.
Not as flashy as some of the other areas we visited but quiet and it felt abandoned since we almost the only people there in May.

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