This is the last gallery from our four corners trip.  It is a segway into the next gallery which will be photos of our sixteen day trip down the Grand Canyon in white water rafts.  To see the canyon from the top is awe inspiring.  The size, ruggedness, and beauty is humbling.  To see this before we rafted it gave me a better perspective on where we were once in the canyon.  This day though we hiked on a well paved tourist rim hike that told us about the geologic time and the stone that represents that time.  A walk through geologic history.  Very tame but very beautiful and informative.
The canyon trip was full of humbling torrents of seething white water that could pull you in and spit you out like a rag doll.  The highlight of a trip down the Grand Canyon, though, is the side canyon hikes that seem to be around every turn.  The play of geologic time in full display along the canyon walls and side hikes are epic.  Then there is camp with all the creature comforts of an RV trip.  Good food, camp chairs, paco pads for sleeping, good drink, and at times crazy antics and conversation.
So this is the top of the rim looking down into the Grand Canyon.
Bright Angel hiking trail plummets 5000 feet to the Colorado river and Phantom Ranch.
Ancient tree.
The watch tower window.  We could see this at one point on our trip down the Colorado.
The rapid down there looks small but believe me it isn't.
Inside the Watch Tower.
Pictographs painted along the round walls along the staircase.
The stairway and art on the walls is an interesting.
Ceiling of the Watch Tower.
Light along the walls.
Cougar sighting.
A river meandering over a thousands of years.
The play of clouds and sunlight on the canyon walls.

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