I probably add too many photos but there are so many unique landscapes, plants, trees, wildlife, and rock formations out there.  Each day and/or each turn in the trail brings something new and wonderous.  We live on an amazing planet.
I'ved always loved the way that on the surface Utah can look harsh, deserted, devoid of life, and yet,  there are pockets of habitat that create survival for plants and animals.  Oasis's in canyons where water collects to form pools and springs.  A place where bright green juts out of cracks between stones and along dry river beds parched under the desert heat.  Then are plants and animals that thrive in the harshness of rock, sand, desert heat, and prickly cacti. 
For more info on Natural Bridges check out the National Park Service website:  http://www.nps.gov/nabr/index.htm
The open road into a sea of clouds.
Entering natural bridges.
We had rain storms so there are pools of evaporating water in low spots on the sandstone.
A carved canyon.
A narrow trail into the canyon.
An ancient gnarled tree.
Bridges of sandstone.
Incoming storm.
Our sandstone perch as the weather changed.
The natural bridge.
Incoming storm is now here.
It hailed.  The tiny hail stones cascaded off of the sandstone cliffs and looked like white beaded waterfalls.
water and wind carved sandstone designs.
Swirls of color.
David watching the world turn white with hail.
The trail cairn.
Mushroom rock.
Been to the desert on a horse with no name...
Steps of the trail going downward.
Collection points for desert water.
Water carved river channels.
Pools of life giving water.
Moist sand feeds the trees in the oasis.
An oasis in the desert heat.  Shade trees.
The natural bride from below.
Looking up at the arch and the distant moon from the canyon floor.

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