Day one alerted us to a potential issue and Day 2 confirmed it.  We had discussed our gas needs with the company we rented our vehicle from.  The said feill up at the last stop and you will be fine in the Maze.  We didn't carry extra gas.  We were assured that they had rented jeeps many times for this same route.  Lesson learned always carry more fuel than you need. Don't rely on office staff to tell you how much fuel you will need.  Always have a back up plan.  Day two was epci.  More great roads, challenges, mt. biking, and encounters with other adventureres that would add to our trip!
Threatening Clouds.
Adventure Couple.
Fun downhill riding.
The Maze.
The Clouds looked like they were boiling.  Getting caught in a rain storm in the desert can be dangerous if you are in the wrong place.
Primitive road signs. 
Looking down into the 100s of miles of the Maze.
Lisa Boyd and David riding while I drove.
The color of the landscape was intensely beautiful.
Evening Primrose.
Now the road gets fun!
The downside of a hitch rack on a technical off road route.
Lisa Boyd, our off road Diva!
The narrow section of the route.
Big drop next to our narrow route.
Made it!
Riding the route was more fun than driving it!
Well, O.k. both were pretty fun!
Directing Lisa through a techical, high clearance section.
Slick Rock.
Sandstone statues.
More of the amazing route we were traveling.
Hole in the red rock wall.
David at the intersection to our camp.
Crystals in the rock.
David on the red rock spire.
Desolate desert mt. biking.
Petrified plants.
The penis rock.
Our gas consumption exceded what we were told we would need to get in and out of the Maze.  Minor, but significant setback.
Endless landscape.
Seed pods.
Prickley Pear Cactus.
Desert Flowers
Alien abduction cloud.
View from our camp late in the day.
Our good friend and adventurer Lisa.
Photographer playing with shadows.
Sunset on the rock.

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