On the Road to the Sunshine Coast.  As an American I didn't know that this weekend was a big Canadian 4 day holiday weekend.  I showed up for the 9:40 ferry and made it onto the 1:30pm ferry.  A sea of vehciles.
The coast of B.C. is about big mountains and water.  Its similar to Washington state it is just that everything is bigger.  Even the ferries are bigger.
Cyclist's bikes.  They are touring the Sunshine coast for their holida.
Lund B.C.  Small Marina town with an relaxed feel.  I stayed in the Old Historic Lund in, ate dinner overlooking the marina, and wrote on my ipad in the mornign with a good cup of coffee at Nancy's Restaurant.
Evening in the Marina.  There seems to always be the movement of boats coming in and boats going out.  Lund is also the launch point for Savary Island, a popular vacation destiniation of Canadians.
Last dinner before the big hike.  Fresh salmon and vegetables.  Starting tomorrow my food will consist of freeze dried meals and Picky Bars.
Giant chess game.
Evening kayak.  As you can see there is also a dog on board.  I haven't gone sea kayaking with Taz yet...but it is on our list.
Night time marina.
Old Historic Lund Hote.
Morning and the start of the next adventure.
This bike has seen better days.
Float plane landed on the water in the morning.
Is it real or am I dreaming.  I went to dinner at the Beachcomber on the water.  They allowed dogs to sit with their owners on the deck during a meal so I could bring Taz instead of having to leave him in the room. I was tired and hungry.  Six hours of sea kayaking and the sun had taken it out of me.  
I ordered my food and drink and then sat back and enjoyed the surrounding environment.  I was far away from the main seating to not be distracted by other guests.  The restaurant had a really beautiful wistful song on.  As I looked out over the water I watched as a flock of of about 10 pigeons swooped towards a bridge that crossed over the end of the bay.  They seemed to be flying in sinc with the music.  They would swirl and then touch down at the base of the bridge.  Then one would fly off, then another.  Then they would all hop from rock to rock and then hit the air again as if moved by the sound of the enchanting music.  This went on for the whole song and then when it was over...they flew off.  I was left mesmerized but felt like I was either seeing things or having some drug induced flash back. If I was into mystical thinking I'd think it was a sign or a synthesis of nature and music.  As it was it was just amazing to feel like those two elements, the music and pigeons were connected for that brief time.  
Then my food came.  An awesome Curry Coconut stir fry.  Good food to end a good day.  I sat a little longer enjoying a break from the heat of the day and taking in the boats, the blue green water, the oyster shells covering the rocks, the threads of light clouds in the sky, and the hustle of boaters loading and unloading for the evening.
Nancy's Bakery.  The sound of a Flaminco guitar with smooth female lyrics playing on the speakers.  It is the hip organic bakery that you could find anywhere in a tourist area. I'm always drawn to these places because I'm always guaranteed a good cup of coffee,  and great organic fair.  They didn't disappoint.  The mornings are a great time to sit out on their stone patio looking out over the bay.  The cool of the morning.  Drinking in another great start to another day on the road...or in my case today on the boat.  
The place had the cool feel with it's stone patio and wooden modern building lines.  Beautiful gardens line the patio with lavender, dill, Rosemary, palm trees, Hydrangeas, cosmos, and sunflowers.  Beyond is the marina with the plethora of boats that come and go with the tourists.
Taz seems to think it is o.k. to lay on the hotel bed when I'm out.  He doesn't do that at home.
View from my hotel room.
Heading home after eight days of adventure.
As I found out later the town of Gibson is having a vintage car festival.
See ya later B.C.

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