Our trip to the four corners (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado) was an incredible discovery of the landscapes, plants, and wildlife.  During out month long trip we experienced wild winds, hail, snow, freezing temperatures, and scorching desert heat.  One minute we were dodging a rain squall and the next we were ducking for cover from the scorching heat of the sun.  At Mesa Verde we had bitter cold morning, snow, stone baked heat, and even some rain.  All in all though it was an great adventure down a path to the America's history of indigenous enguinuity and ability to survive in the harsh landscape.
Going with the herd.  Even so this was prime tourist season but because the weather had been so crazy there were very few tourists in any of the places we visited.
Modern staircase down into the canyon.
NPS approved trail.
Quite the ladder to the next level.
David on ascent.
Narrow ladder to the outside.
Layers of stone buildings built into the cliffs.
View from el pueblo.
A fortress with a great view of the surrounding landscape.
Village in the cliff.
Layers of stone buildings built into the cliffs.
This made me think of a chimney with a column of stone smoke above.
Strategically built into the cliffs at varying elevations.
Walkway of stone.
Built under the cliff.  A natural roof.
A blooming Yucca.
Narrow stone steps.
Hidden by the trees and stone cliff.
Polished wooden ladder down into a lower chamber.
Lower chamber with natural filtered sunlight.
Look at the fire burned cieling.

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