Enormous Chiingis Khaan statue in the countryside.
My favorite Mongolian boots
Don't piss this guy off!
The guards
On our way to 13th Century in the pouring rain.
The guard station.
Great stone outcrops as we drive through the clouds.
Walking to the great palace.
Sitting down for a meal.
Horsehead fiddle player.  Beautiful sound.
Looking up at the center.
The tables around the great palace.
The Khaan's seat.
Lunch of salty milk tea, noodle soup, and a meat filled chapati like bread.
Taivan and the Mongolian eagle
Taivan with a warriors helmet on.
Taivan with the bow and arrow.
Shaman's camp.
The shaman's tree.
Love his boots!
As always kids from any country are cute and interesting!
Ger kitchen utensils,
Yellow butter and curds.  Hmmm good!
Taivan riding a camel at the herders's camp in the rain.  I decided to wait until I could go for a long ride in the desert.

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