On Day 3 we hiked from camp at the Maze Overlook down into the canyons below.  It was a scramble down a sandstone carved out of the rock.  We love this type of hiking so it was a lot of fun for us.  Once you get down into the bottom you start to see a whole other aspect to the Maze.  Small spring fed pools lined with animal tracks tell a story of the life that lives in the canyons.  Along our hike we came to harvest scene pictographs along a tall wall where a valley opens up and there was once agriculture.  Snakes slither along sand washes, and antelope tracks follow the water courses.  It is a secret oasis amidst an rugged and dry parched landscape of stone and sand.
Succulent desert plants.
Hiking Across to the descent.
Into the Maze's canyons.
Descending a rugged trail.
Cairns show us the way down.
A few drops and scambles make the trail more interesting.
Pockets of water.  Life springs for the surrounding wildlife.
Looking back up at the wall we came down.
Taking photos from the sand wash.
Lisa Boyd enjoying the maze.
Me, absolutely captivated by everything in the Maze.
Narrowing of the canyon.
A little climbing with the aid fo sticks and piles of stones.
The desert fowers were amazing.
Evening in the Maze.
Lisa Boyd by a warming fire.  We ran into some very wealthy Microsoft executives traveling in style.  We shared our camp with them and enjoyed a great evening of conversation, epic stories of off-road travel in deserts all over the world. 
Their fully equiped off-road van complete with lighting, fire pit, satellite computer, iphone connection, solar power, cook kitchen, and radio.  These guys go all out when the travel.  English style.
A visitor in our camp.  I can't say I blame him the smells of our great meal must have drawn him in.
Home is where my adventure spirit defines me.  It is a place in time that I feel the most at content with.  It is a time and space where I am who I am...at that moment.  It changes, but I can always go back to that place and know that is who I truly am.  For me, it is is those places in an adventure that define me...or a youthful passionate cause that makes me step outslie of myself and take a risk,.... or stepping up to make a life saving decision that saves a life...or as I mature making a decision that will guide the future in an experienced way with a solid base of understanding.  We have to grow with our wisdom and experience.  We don't necessarily grow with age.  Age is a number.  Wisdom is born out of experience and understanding.
Sunset reveals new light, shadow, contrast, and closure of the day.  Rest well to welcome the next sunrise with beautiful shadow and color.  Adventure awaits the curious soul.
You could lose yourself in this Maze...

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