This was a quick trip into Arches which I have visited many times in the past.  This was on the backside of our trip to the Maze.  We awoke to a rainy morning and decided to capture the desert in the rain.  The skies are muted but the colors of the flowers and the sandstone jump out at times like these.  Water cascades down normally dry cliffs and puddles form in the low spots on the rock.  All create a new look for a desert landscape.
Flowering Cactus.  May is an amazing month to see the desert bloom!
When the desert blooms, each flower is an exclamation point of color!
We always like to find the adventurous route!
Where will it take us?
Climbing up the slots between giant sandstone rocks.
Down into dimly lit caverns and arched crossing of sandstone.
Scaling the ribs of sandstone upward...
A cairn for guidance in this maze of rock.
Natural bridges.
An archway along a sand wash.
More adventure!
A small opening for us to climb through.
Dropping down from above brings us into another wash...

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