Zion has always been one of my favorite places to visit in the southwest.  I"ve been there a number of times.  There is always something new to explore.  On this trip we hiked to the Subway slot canyon and the east rim.  We left Zion with new pairs of 5-10 Canyoneering boots with 5 m. neoprene booties.  A must have for any slot canyon hiking, cold weather river rafting, or  hiking up a river bottom.
The real and the imitated.
Pathway carved into rock.
Orange creamsickle sandstone.
Indian Paintbrush.
Indian Paintbrush perched in rocky crevices along the trail.
Zion Valley
Boulder hopping up the river to the Subway.
David entering the Subway
David solidly trekking through the water.
Looking back down from the Subway entrance.
Surrounding walls
Sunset at our camp.

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