I wanted a short day to give my tired feet a rest.  So I set my sights on Sliammon Lake camp.  It was only 7 km from Rieveley's Pond camp.  I arrived around noon to a beautiful location.  The tent site was nestled in tall trees with filtered sunlight falling through the tree branches.  Kokanee creek trickled near by.  The best part was a wooden bench at the edge of the lake with a rock outcrop perfect to swim from.  
I removed Taz's pack and he immediately dove into the water.  I followed soon after.  The water is amazing in these lakes.  I envisioned cold northern glacier fed lakes that would take my breath away and freeze my feet.  The water here is almost bathwater warm.  No shock upon entering but cool enough to be refreshing.  They were clear with a tint of green jade and a rocky bottom.
I swam, threw sticks for Taz, wandered around.  Found the royal wood nymph commode.  A carved out tree trunk complete with a platform and back rest also made from a tree.  Taz and I walked along an ancient old tree now decaying and sprouting new trees along it's length.  It is dog agility for an adventure dog.  No props and equipment needed here.
Adventure dog blending in with his environment.
We walked along bridges and boardwalks through this large wetland.
Old log bridge.
Gorge Falls.
Bandit Falls.
Quick dip for Taz in the muddy Thethyeth Lake. 
View looking down at Sliammon Lake from Kayach Bluff.
Taz taking a look at the forest commode.
Pretty cool looking but a bit rough on the butt.
Let me in.  The bugs are driving me crazy.
My tent nestled in the forest.
Adventure dog agility.
Kokanee Creek.
Sliammon Lake.
Bench and launch point for swimming.
My dinner spot.
Evening on lake Sliammon Lake.  Beautiful ending to the day.

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