Monument Valley is located on the Navajo Nation.  You can see the giant pillars and sails of rock from far off in the distance like ships sailing on the flat landscape.  The drive through the Monument was interesting.  We arrived late int he day.  We beat a wind and rain storm and came into a sunlight valley.  The roads through the monumental rocks start at a very nice lodge with windows facing out towards the rock formations.  Next to that is a flat wind swept campground of dirt. The lodge looks out of place as it is surrounded by lack of infrastructure, and desolate neglected surroundings.
Our drive led us up to and around various stone formations.  It seemed like at every stop there was an emaciated reservation dog looking for some free food.  I like dogs so I always gave them chips.  The wind was whipping up dirt devils and howling. I imagine that it probably does most of the time.  Visiting the Navajo nation felt like we crossed a line into the third world.  Garbage along the roads, emaciated dogs and horses walking along roadways and obvious poverty.  Hopefully with tourism and a developing economy that will change.
Thin needles of sandstone.
A red rock castle.
We saw these from our distant roadway as a storm was blowing in.  The sky was heavy with dark clouds, streaks of rain, and the play of sunlight.

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