Today we rode to the Doll's House.  A doll's house made of colored sandstone that sits above the Colorado river.  We decided to ride our mt. bikes to save gas and get some more riding in.  It was challenging.  Lots of deep sand to surf and muscle our way through.  There was also some nice slick rock to ride over.  Then we were at the Doll's House for a hike out to a view of the Colorado river which we would be rafting later that year.
Mt. bike staging area.
Surfing the sand.
David on the slick rock.
The Doll's House.
More slick rock to ride.
and more sand.
The Doll's House sandstone towers.
The Colorado River.
Standing looking out over the Colorado River.  A sneak preview of an epic adventure that awaits us.
Some graineries.
A little slot hiking.
Looking up before climbing up.
Heading back to camp.
Heading out of the depth of the Maze back to the plateau.
We rode the fun stuff!
Back through the technical narrow section again.
Close up of this section.  david is video taping it.
Lisa.  Mission accomplished!
On our way up!
View from our camp on the last night.
Stone bridge.
A Maze of a road.
An ancient Juniper.
Pine cone.
Pine cone art by Lisa Boyd.

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