View of the bus staion.  People seeling food to the people going on the bus.  Lots of morning activity.
Definitely not a chicken bus.  There were no animals harmed on this trip and they had air conditioning!
Just like in America there is a line to use the this case an outhouse!
An outhouse with a view of the Mongolian steppes.
The bus stop for lunch, a pee, and a chance to stretch the legs after 3 hours on the bus.
Burberry dress, it is a very expensive dress.  According to Puje it is very high end.  We are wondering if this is a Chinese knock off.  Regardless she is very cute and thoughful in her dress.
A ger rest stop.  See photos at the end when we had lunch.
This little girl exuded playful happiness and curiousity.  She also has a great pair of boots!
Little Mongolian girl boots.  Fun!
My first siting of Mongolian horses.
My first sighting of the majestic Bactrian camels.  I can't wait to ride one.
The Mongolian equivalent of a 5 lane freeway.
Two young Canadians and a curious little girl.
The absolute endless landscape...
My first sighting of Mongolian dogs.  I love to photograph the dogs were ever I go.  More on Mongolian dogs later.
There is always a top dog
The common area of my 1* hotel.  It was necessary but definitely had seen better times.
Central Mandalgovi
Central Mandalgovi.  Not much of a town and it has seen better days.  I can't quire figure out what the primary jobs are if there are any jobs.
I love the colorful roofs!
Lots of motorcycles in town
Soviet era apartments.
Hauling goods.
Love the hard hats for riding.
The interesting interplay between this puppy and the boys captured my attention as I looked out my hotel window.
Mongolian guard dog.
She looked so thoughful as she looked out the from her patio.
My 1* hotel.  They had some amazing food though...and I didn't get sick.
This is one serious mutt!
Cosmos are all over Mongolia.  They are one of favotite flowers.  I wonder if they are native or considered an invasive species?
Camels on the Buddhist Temple
Buddhist Temple
Town from a hill.
The blue roof.
Walking up to the top of the hill with statues.
Statue of the horse hair fiddle.
Yes, I have to make sure to have a few photos of myself.  My classes make me look so middle aged.  Oh well that is how life rolls.
I love the colorful scarves.
Mongolian Ovuu.  You walk around it clockwise and add stones to it and you will have good luck on your journey.
The mountain of statues.  I don't know who this is and neither than Puje
Winged horse statue overlooking Mandalgovi.
Puje says this is probably some famous wrestler from the area.
Pigeons on a building that has seen better days.
The wide open landscape.  I think I would go crazy if I was walking across it.  It would take days to get to that horizon line.
Dirt road.
The play of clouds and sunlight on the steppes.
You have to go with the locals.  The roads are a maze.
Mongolian horse camp.
Finally some paved road in the middle of nowhere.
Roadside dog.
I love this door.
Children playing.
The hobbit door or a Mongolian Ger door.
Puje pouring milk tea or Suutei tsai.
Our cups of suutei tsai.
My first taste of milk tea.

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