David and I hiked in the amazing mountains of Bolivia.  Even now when I look back at our photos I am in awe of the mountains of the Cordillera Real. Condoriri, Maria Lloco and the mighty Huayna Potosi were always present as we hiked the many passes and dropped into lake filled valleys.  Here is the description of our hike and a link to the Bolivian Mountains Climibing and Trekking.
Early departure from La Paz in vehicle to the valley of Ajuani where we begin our trek (4,300m). Trekking along the base of the Cordillera Real, we make our way to the beautiful Laguna Juri Khota, where we make our camp (4,620m).
Continuing along the range, we pass a stunning hanging glacier before taking on the challenging Austria pass at 4,950m. After crossing the pass, we descend into the Condoriri valley and camp at the Condoriri base camp at the shores of Laguna Chiar Khota.
Today we make our way towards the imposing Huayna Potosi, but before this we pass around the base of Maria Lloco, camping at the foot of this lovely peak (4,500m).
Our final pass is the Huallatani pass (4,850m). From here, on a clear day we can enjoy the stunning views of the mountains Maria Lloco and the mighty Huayna Potosi. It is also from here that our vehicle awaits us for our return to La Paz.
Approaching our destination
Small village church.
The Cordillera Real.
Primitive road.
A bridge.
I'm always amazed when I see these small examples of infrastructure in the countryside.
Las mujeres.
Valley of Ajuani.  Our starting point.
Lunch before we head out.
Our pack horse and mules arriving from a distant valley.
Narcisso, the owner of the pack animals.
The horse.
Packing all the gear onto the horses.
Nice head dress.
The little mule that could.
Narcisso carefully distributing the weight of the packs.
Fini.  Now he is ready to go.
The horses, pack guide, and cook took a different route to our first camp.
Heading out to climb our first pass of the day.
A barren moonscape of mud and rock greet us as we trek upward.
Dramatic shadows and stark hills around us.
Our guide Pedro
Pedro.  He could breath at this altitude.  It was amazing to be climbing at such a high elevation day after day.
Up and over the first pass.  Now we dead down into the valley.
Break at the top.  David and Pedro.
Huayna Potosi
Lake Titicaca in the distance.  Once again I didn't get to visit this beautiful lake.  Maybe someday...
Straited scree and dirt.
Cairns.  I love them.
The first lake.
Pedro gives perspective to this vast landscape.
Our trail down the ridge from the first pass.
The ever present llamas.
See that thin line along the ridge.  That is our trail.  I'm glad I'm nolonger afraid of heights.
Such interesting designs of rock and mud.  I don't know what this is caused by but it is beautiful in it's desolation and design.
David with Lake Titicaca in the distance.
The minieral color of the rock and mud were so interesting.
More earth designs.
Cairn with Huayna Potosi in the distance
Huayna Potosi today.
Condoriri and the second lake Juri Khota.
Surf is up on this incredible steep descent!
Glacial color of the Juri Khota.
Pedro on a more moderate section of the trail.
Our camp for the first night.  Our team is down there setting up camp for us.
Cairn and this Llama.  They are hired to sit by the lake and look majestic.
Another Llama glamour shot.
Our humble camp.
The horse and mules enjoying grazing after a good days work.
Our cook.
The cook tent.
Our tent.
See the line falling down the ridge?  That was our descent into the valley.
Beautiful evening light.

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