On day two we traversed a scree field along Juri Khota lake.  Then hiked up through a pass.  We did some rock climbing over to a lake with a hanging glacier at the other end.  Our lunch spot was nestled in some rocks for a wind break.  The clouds had rolled in and the temperature had dropped.  As we were deciding whether we were going to hike another 1000 feet up to the top of a peak overlooking our next camp snow flakes began to swirl around us.  I had left my gortex jacket with the horses.  Something I didn't do agaon.
So we skipped the peak and continued our hike up over Austria Pass.  On the other side was another steep descent down red rock to Condoriri base camp. 
Once we were down on a flat traverse after all the steep rock climbing and steep scree I was relaxed and thinking not watching where I was walking and tripped on a small nubin of rock and went crashing to the ground slamming my left knee into a rock.  It is always the safe places that can kill you, I thought as I laid on the ground asking the men to give me a minute to recover.  There is nothing worse then slamming a knee or an elbow into rock.  I got up, made sure I didn't fracture my knee cap or dislocated anything and continued on.  My knee became stiffer and harder to hike on as we descended another 1000 feet to camp.  By the evening it was swollen to the size of a softball and it was excruciating painful to move it at all.
Even with the injury I sat in awe of our beautiful location at the base of Condiriri. 
Continuing along the range, we pass a stunning hanging glacier before taking on the challenging Austria pass at 4,950m. After crossing the pass, we descend into the Condoriri valley and camp at the Condoriri base camp at the shores of Laguna Chiar Khota.
Morning mountains and our route to the right for the day.
Stone shack.
An outhouse with a great view!
Our route is along the scree field between the lake and the rocky peaks.
Waiting for hot coffee.
Morning breakfast.
Finally the sun is up and the tea is warm.
It is warmer against the stone wall.
Sinking boat.
Ready to head out for another day of trekking.
Our route.
Scree trail.
The morning reflection
Cairns along the route.
Big cairn.
Now the trekking gets fun!
Another cairn.
Our route is right up that rock face.
Rugged glacier across the lake.
Condiriri snow fields and glacier.
Glacier that looks like it has taken a beating.
Can you see the bird's eye and beak?
Climbing up the rock face.
Looking back down at the lake.
I love trails like this!
One of the best photos of David!
Lunch spot!
Something so weird about squeeze mayo with a back drop like that!
David and Condoriri in the background.
Next descent.
The red rock scree field.
Another interesting stone cairn.
Right before I tripped.
Stunning snow field.
Now the painful descent into a beautiful valley.
The herd resting and munching on grass.
Our tiny tent down in the base of the valley.
Condiriri glacier.
Another outhouse with a beautiful view.
The cook's tent.  Also a warm wind break.
Sunset on Condoriri.
Another group camped at our location.
And now another day!

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