Ngoro Ngoro crater is a different kind of safari.  This large depression in the earth is home to thousands of grazing animals and a large population of predators that play out a constantly dynamic cycle of life.  Perched on the edge of this crater are a number of lodges that over look the crater.  Descending down into the crater feels like we are on an adventure into the Lost World or another time.
We descended early morning and immediately we saw the wild energy of the early morning hunt.  Its calving season and the predators are out in force feasting on the young and the weak.  We saw a herd of Wildebeests stampeding as they were being chased by Hyenas.  Dirt kicking up from their fleeing hooves.  Everything happens at dusk or at dawn when the the temperature is cool and the light waxing or waning. 
Later in the heat of the day we saw a lioness crouching in the grass about 200 feet from grazing elephants, zebras, wildebeest, and Warthogs.  I kept waiting for her to pounce.  The grazers would pass by and look nervously in her direction.  It was too hot and she wasn't interested.  They could rest easier...for awhile.
View from the Ngoro Ngoro Wildlife Lodge.  Another grand lodge that seemed like it should be filled with the likes of big game hunters in safari khaki drinking Cognac and smoking cigars.
Teh crater in the afternoon.
This shows the slope of the surrounding plateau above the crater.  Numerous lodges are perched on the edges.
The morning hunt!
Fleeing Wildebeest and calf.
The predator.  They look kind of harmless and yet they are the nasty bad boys of the dog world.
Zebra with Hyena in the background.  Its hot.  Everyone is cooling down and settling in for the long hot day.
Zebras.  The sounds they make are very interesting.  I don't have a photo of it but we saw a Zebra later in the day that had big wide gashes down it's rump.  Still alive but probably didn't make it through the next night.  National Geographic info about Zebras.
The lions. Within close proximity to each other we had two line couples.  Lion sex is interesting to watch.
The frisky couple.
Oh baby, I love you.  Cuddle with me!
Come on...
I'm going to bite your toes...
The King
Lion sex.  This happened 3x while we watched.  Then she would role over and be all lovey dovey.  Of course he'd get up and ignore her.
Ya, I'm the King!
Another lion couple that were more affectionate to each other in a gentler way.
Bustard Bird.  Pretty showy bird.  Kind of seems like a fashion queen strutting across the savanah.
Young zebra.
Hyena running past a group of Zebras.
The stand off.  Western gunslinging music playing in the background.
The flamingos.
Resting Hyena.
Thousands of pink Flamingos
Hyenas walking among the Wildebeests.
Wildebeest.  Not beautiful by any means.
Hyena with a bone to chew on.
Grey Crowned Crane
A nervous Warthog.
Elephant and Zebras.

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