Earthcorps is a program for international young people to come to the United States to learn leadership and environmental training.  The founder was a Peace Corps volunteer.  When he returned home he thought what if there was a program in the U.S. that brought internationals from other countries to the U.S.?  It is modeled after the Peace Corps.Another.  
Every year a group of young adults come from every corner of the planet as interns for six months.  During that time they work along side each other as well as young people from the U.S. that are participating as Americorps members.  
They all learn together.  How to lead.  How to work as a team.  How to bridge cultural differences.  They learn skills, that hopefuly, they can take back to their home countries and become the next generation of young environmental leaders.
Also as part of their experience the internationals live with host families who introduce them to family life in the United States.  That is how my husband and I got involved.  As a conservationist and world traveler I saw this as an opportunity to bring the world into our home and pass along our love of the environment.
At the end of every year Earthcorps puts on the Global Cafe.  Global Cafe is a celebration of the cultural exchange shared by the Earthcorps Community each year.  Internationals and Americans cook up their local favorites, put together information boards about their homes, and entertain us with dances, songs, speeches, and other performances that represent their homelands.
This year's group was another exceptional group of young people.  Every year we are amazed at the passion and talent of the young people that Earthcorps chooses.
To my wonderful Earthcorps family.  You have made our world smaller and bigger at the same time.  We are thankful to have an international family of people who share our passion for life and the environment!
New Orleans Food.
Food from the Phillipines.
Mrinalini from southern India and one of our international daughters.
Tsering Tenzing Sherpa from Nepal.
Bolot Junushov from Kyrgyzstan
Czech Republic and Romania
Baltimore Maryland
Alejandro from Guatemala.
Crina from Romania.
Mbanwie Brunhilda Anwi from Cameroon.  She talked about her experience with Earthcorps.
Singing a Vietnamese folk song.
Lucia leading a Bolivian dance.
Francis and Lucia dancing a Guatemalan dance.
Alejandro and Sara dancing a Guatemalan dance.
Apoorva Sahasrabudhe from India.
Mrinalini and Apoorva 
Francis from Kenya.
Adam, future Americorps.
Mrinalini and Apoorva leading an Indian dance.
Brunhilda (Cameroon) and Apoorva (India)
Left to right: Alenjandro, Bolot, Francis, Joseph, Lucia.  Bottom: Mrinalini and Brunhilda.
Four countries: Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, and India.  Dasha, Simona, Crina, and Apoorva.
Our Indian daughter.  We will miss her so much when she leaves.
International family.
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